Delivery & Returns

Product Delivery Policy 

The shipping cost of products is not included in the indicated price and it burdens the buyer, unless otherwise specified.
After placing products in your basket, you will be able to see the shipping cost corresponding to your order that is not fixed, but can change depending on the date you wish to receive it. In any case, you will be informed about the shipping cost before the completion and payment of your order.
In case the product is not available, the order will remain pending and our Company will contact you referring to the expected time of the product’s availability, the replacement or cancellation of the order.
The shipping address that you have claimed must be valid. In case you are not in the address claimed or in case the information of the address you claimed might have changed, you should immediately inform the Company via email in the address , so as the order to be sent in the correct address. Otherwise, you will be burdened with extra shipping costs.

Return Policy


You have the right to return the whole order or part of it within 14 calendar days from the date of their receipt, by filling in and submitting electronically the relevant Form of Return of the Product.
In case you return products for any reason related to our Company’s culpability, you will be charged with the relevant cost of their delivery via any express courier service of your choice. On the contrary, if the reason for this return concerns a mistake made by our Company (e.g. faulty product, wrong order et al.), then the cost of return will exclusively burden our company, provided that the return will be made via DHL courier service.
You are obliged to return the product on its previous condition, without violating its package. Returning products, whose package have been opened or destroyed or distorted (e.g. after detachment or any other mean of label distortion) is not accepted and there will be no refund. There is an exception for several individual cases of faulty products, whose fault was found after opening their packaging.
In case a product is returned and, depending, on the one hand on the way you chose to pay for your order and on the other hand on the way that they will be returned, refund will be completed within 8 working days from the date we receive the products. In case where the reason for return is due to our company’s mistake, then we promise to resend courier to the address that you have set, in order for you to receive your order on own expenses.
From the moment the product leaves from you, our company will receive it within 5-10 working days for returns away from Greece via DHL. In case where you select another express courier service, we cannot provide any guarantee about the delivery time of the products that you have returned. Returning products via mail will not be accepted.
After receiving those products, our Company will immediately examine your request and will inform you via e-mail about the way it will be settled, as well as your refund, either via deposit in the bank account that you have claimed in the Return Form, which necessarily accompanies the returned item, or via any other means based on what was mentioned above.
Returning products will be completed after sending them in the following address:
15 Aggelou Metaxa Street, Glyfada, Post Code 16675 on the Company’s account “HBC Livewell IKE”.

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