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Devote some time to read the present Privacy Policy and get informed about the way with which our company, known as “ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company”, with registered offices in Glyfada of Attiki, Greece at 15 Agg.Metaxa Street, Post Code 16675, Tel: 34671685888 and email address: [email protected] (hereafter called as “Our Company” or “We”), which operates as the Controller of the Processing, is able to collect, store, use and generally, to process your personal data, when you register as a user or when you use our Company’s website, when you contact us via email or/and telephone, in order to be informed or/and to make use of the products and services of our Company or to raise questions, express your interest in working for ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company and generally, in order to do business with us.
The present Privacy Policy describes the way your personal data are protected by our Company and informs you about your rights as Subjects of Personal Rights, according to the applicable law.
For any question about the present Privacy Policy, but also for any other issue referring to the process of your data as well as the exercise of your rights, please contact our Company in the address 15 Agg. Metaxa Street, Post Code 16675 or in our email address [email protected]

1. What does processing of personal data mean?

By “personal data”, we mean the information of natural persons, such as full name, mail address, email address, telephone number et al., which define or can define your identity.
When we talk about “processing” of your personal data we refer to: their collection, register, organization and structure in a file (an electronic or printed one), their storage, adjustment, modification or/and their “updating”, as well as their use, transfer to third parties, limitation or their deletion/destruction.

2. Why do we need your personal data?

Several of your personal data might need to be disclosed to our Company, in order the purposes described in the present Policy to be achieved (see 3), or might be optional to you, to depending on the products or/and the services of ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company that you wish to use.
In case the disclosure of your data is necessary in order for us to offer you the services/ products that you selected, we highlight the mandatory personal data with an asterisk (*), in order for you to disclose the minimum amount of your data that we need so as to respond to your needs/ selections.
The disclosure of your data, apart from those marked as compulsory, is absolutely optional to you and does not lead to any consequences regarding the main purposes of data collection; nevertheless, their possible disclosure from your part will be used for the quality optimization of the services we offer.

3. Which of your data do we collect and for what purposes?

Each time, we collect only the absolutely necessary data of yours, which are suitable, efficient and appropriate for their intended purpose. More specifically:
Α) In order to respond to your questions and queries and in order to provide all the information you desire.
When you contact us, via telephone or email, and you either expose your questions to us or raise a question related to our products and services, we necessarily need the following personal data:
Full name, email address or/and telephone number (depending on the way you want us to answer, as well as any other information you believe is necessary, in order for you to receive a correct and complete answer (e.g. your age, needs, physical condition/health).
In case you disclose data of a specific category to us (e.g. health, racial origin, sex life), ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company will use and process them exclusively for the purpose for which you have provided your explicit consent, based on law and on the Principles of Processing that are referred afterwards (see 5):
Β) In order newsletters to be sent via email or sms- messages to your mobile phone.
In order to send you information material- newsletters via the means mentioned before (email/sms) related to: products or/and services of ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company, offers and promotions, invitations to events related to the products or/and services of ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company, as well as other events that are organized either by our Company or by third parties (e.g. scientific/ athletic/ charity et al.), information on new scientific data about health, diet, treatment of diseases/ conditions etc, we necessarily need the following personal data:
Full name, mail address, email address or/and telephone number (depending on the way you wish to receive the information/material above).
C) In order for you to comply with the obligations that are imposed by the applicable law at the time.
In some cases, ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company must retain your data so as to comply with the obligations deriving from the applicable law (e.g. tax provisions, legal or normative transparency provisions on Health Care Providers etc). In these cases, you will be asked to reveal your personal data that are necessary for the abovementioned compliance with our legal obligations.

D) In order your applications and CVs, which are sent for the purpose of your employment by our Company, to be assessed.
In case you wish to work with us and reveal your personal data to us for the specific purpose, ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company will retain and process the abovementioned data of yours exclusively for this purpose, based on your explicit consent and according to the provisions of the applicable legislation and the following principles (see 5).
Ε) In order for us to be improved and adapt to your preferences and selections, referring to our products or/and our services- Use of Cookies.
The website of ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company may ask from your browser to store cookies, a small file of data, into your computer or laptop. A cookie can be used in order to allow a site to memorize the information you inserted earlier. Furthermore, it contributes to your supply with information that has a specific content and it monitors the way websites units are used.
Additionally, we may use cookies in order to understand your preferences and adjust your accessibility to your preferences. Your consent is necessary in order ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company to memorize user’s data and your preferences over time. You can withdraw your consent for the deletion of cookies from the hard disk of your computer, the exclusion of all cookies or the reception of alerts before the storage of a cookie, by changing the settings of your browser. Please check the instructions of your browser on the internet, in order to learn more about these functions. Your consent is voluntary. However, if you do not provide your consent for the installation of cookies in your browser, ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company may not be able to provide you with full access or all the functions of the company’s website.

4. Do we share your data with third parties? When and with which guarantees of security?

In the first place, access to your data is only granted to specific employees- partners of our Company (as Controller of Processing), who are bound by confidentiality and personal data protection clauses.
For the fulfillment of the purposes mentioned in the present Policy, it may be needed to provide access to your data to third parties. For example:
• To service suppliers, who process personal data on our Company’s behalf, with who we conclude agreements that oblige them to provide efficient guarantees and apply appropriate technical and organizational measures aiming to the protection of your personal data.
• To other third parties, to the extent that it is needed for: i) compliance with a national issue, judicial decision, legal provision, ii)prevention of illegal use of Websites, iii) protection of ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company by claims of others, and iv) contribution to the prevention or research of cases of fraud or/and other illegal actions.
• To other third parties, when you have provided your consent on your own.
In case the transmission of your data is necessary for the reasons mentioned above,
• We give to third parties only the information needed for the supply of specific services they offer.
• They can use your data exclusively for the specific purposes that we define in our contract with them.
• We cooperate closely with them in order to make sure that your privacy is being respected and protected any time.
• In case we stop using their services, any data you possess will be deleted or made anonymous.
Those who conduct the processing on our behalf have agreed upon and contractually committed by the Company:
• to remain discreet,
• not to send your Data to third parties without our permission,
• to receive efficient and appropriate safety measures,
• to comply with the legal framework for the personal data protection and specifically, the Regulation No. 979/2016/EE (also GDPR).

5.  Data Protection Principles

ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company applies all the appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures, in order to ensure the incorporation of data protection principles into the processing of all your Personal Data and the complete integration of the necessary protection measures, so as to meet the minimum requirements of the applicable legislation but also to protect your rights.
More specifically, ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company adapts by definition and consciously the principles of data protection of the General European regulation, and at the same time it ensures that your data:
• Are being submitted in a legitimate, legal and transparent way,
• Are being collected for one or more determined, firm and legal purposes and do not undergo any further processing in a way that does not correspond to these purposes,
• Are appropriate, coherent and not exclusively limited to anything that is necessary in relation with the purposes of the processing,
• Are precise and ,when necessary, they are “updated”, while personal data that are imprecise or obsolete are deleted or corrected, without undue delay,
• Are being preserved in a form that allows the identification of the data subjects exclusively for the period of time when it is necessary for the purposes of the processing, Διατηρούνται σε μορφή που επιτρέπει την ταυτοποίηση των υποκειμένων δεδομένων μόνο για το χρονικό διάστημα που είναι απαραίτητο για τους σκοπούς της επεξεργασίας,
• Are being processed in a way that guarantees the rights of the subject of the personal data,
• Are being processed in a way that guarantees the appropriate security of your personal data, including protection against non-granted or illegal processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, after the application of the appropriate technical or organizational protection measures.

6. Which are your rights as subjects of the data we process?

ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company totally respects you as subjects of the data that are being processed and applies reasonable compliance measures. These include your rights:

• To be informed or to be warned about a targeted processing activity,
• To have access to the data we retain,
• To require the correction, deletion, limitation of the processing,
• To make use of the portability of your data,
• Not to be subject to a decision exclusively based on automated processing, which produces legal outcomes that concern or significantly influence you,
• To object to the processing.

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Right to access your personal data.
This means that you have the right to be informed by us, in case we process your data. If we process your data, you can ask to be informed about the purpose of this processing, which of your data do we retain, whether and to who do we disclose them, for how long do we store them, but also about your rights, like those of correction, data deletion, processing limitation and lodging of a complaint to the Data Protection Principles.
Right to correct inaccurate personal data
In case you ascertain that there is a mistake in your Data, you can submit an application asking us to correct it (e.g. correction of the name or notification about a change of address).
Right to delete/ right to be forgotten
You can ask us to delete your data, in case they are not necessary any more for the abovementioned purposes of processing or if you wish to revoke your consent, in case it is the only legal base.
Right to pass your data.
You can ask to receive in a readable form the Data that you have provided or to ask us to forward them to another controller of processing.
Right to limit the processing
You can ask us to limit the processing of your Data for as long as the examination of your objections against their processing is pending. 
Right to object and revoke your consent for the processing of your Data
You can oppose to the processing of your data and then we will stop this process, only if there are no other compelling and legal reasons prevailing over your right. If you have declared your consent for the collection, processing and use of your personal data, you can revoke your consent any time with future validity.
 Right not to receive Marketing Communications
You can choose not to receive marketing communications from our Company, by modifying the selections you made on your user account (myprofile) on our Websites. You can also choose not to receive marketing communications after changing your email and sms subscriptions, by clicking on the deletion link or by following the instructions included in the message. Alternatively, you can contact us by using the contact information of the unit “Questions and Comments” found below.
In case the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest, 
In cases where we process your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest, you can ask us to stop, on grounds related to your personal state. Then, we are obliged to act likewise, in case there is no compelling legal reason for us to keep processing your Personal Data.

  7. How can you exercise your rights?

In order to exercise your rights, you can submit a relevant request, either on the Company’s mail address (15 Agg. Metaxa Street) or on its email address (, entitled as “Exercise of Right” and then we will ensure that to examine it and finally, reply as soon as possible.
Exceptionally, in case you wish to withdraw your consent for the dispatch of information material (newsletter), you can do so by selecting the link “Deletion from the list of newsletter dispatch- click here”, which is at the bottom of each newsletter.
In order to protect the confidentiality of your data, we will ask you to verify your identity before moving to any further request that you might submit, based on the present Privacy Policy. In case you have granted to a third party the right to submit a request on your behalf, he/she will be asked to prove that he/she possesses your grant to act for the specific purpose.

8. When do we respond to your Requests?

We respond to your Requests without any charge or delay, and in each case within (1) one month from the moment we receive your request. However, in case your Request is complex or you have submitted a great number of Requests, then we will inform you within one month about whether an extension of another (2) two months is needed, a period of time within which we will respond.
In case your Requests are manifestly unfound or excessive, especially because of their repetition, our Company can impose a reasonable charge, taking into consideration the administrative expenses for the information supply or the execution of the requested activity, or refuse to proceed to this Request.

9. Which is the law applicable during the processing of your Data by us?

The applicable law is the Greek Law, as established according to the General Provision about the Protection of Personal Data No. 2016/679/EE, and ,in general, the current national and European legislative and regulatory framework about the protection of personal data.
The competent courts that will settle any arising dispute related to your Data are the Courts of Athens.

10. Where can you appeal in case we violate the current law about the protection of your Personal Data?

You have the right to lodge an appeal to the Principles of Personal Data Protection (mail address 1-3 Kifissia Street, Post Code 115 23, Athens, Greece, Tel: +30 6475600, or email address [email protected]), in case you believe that the processing of your Personal Data is violating the current national and regulatory law framework about the protection of personal data.

11. How will you be informed about any modifications on the present Policy?

We update the present Privacy Policy when necessary. If there are any significant changes on the Privacy Policy or in the way with which we use your Personal Data, we will release the update of the present document on our website, before changes enter into force and then we will inform you by any appropriate means.
We encourage you to read the present Policy on a regular basis, in order to be aware of the way your Data are protected. The present privacy policy was lastly amended on the 25th of May 2018.

12. Questions and Comments?

We hope that the present Privacy Policy will help you understand the way with which we handle your Personal Data, as well as your rights to control this management conducted by our Company.

If you have any question that is not covered yet, or comments and concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us either via our mail, address 15 Agg.Metaxa Street, Post Code 16675, or via our email address [email protected]

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