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1. Our Website

The present website (www.livewell.eu) describes the products and services that are available to you, under the following terms and conditions (“Terms and conditions”).
By using our website, you accept that you have read, understood and agreed to commit yourself to the Terms and Conditions, an integral part of which is the Personal Data Protection Policy, according to the General Provision of the EE on Personal Data Protection No. 2016/679, as well as any other national legislation.
When using our website, you are obliged to comply with its Terms and Conditions, as well as with any separate instruction or/and announcement that are posted on it.
You are obliged to always act according to the applicable law and the general principles of the users, the transactional ethics and those of good faith.
You are not allowed either to move to any kind of modification or distortion of our website’s content or to intervene in it in any possible way.
In case you violate any of the obligations that are mentioned in Terms and conditions of the website (including the Personal Data Protection Policy), then it happens that you are the exclusively responsible ones for any potential damage or loss of profit that ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company might suffer.
The amount of information that is available on our website is exclusively destined for your updating under our Company’s commercial purposes, and neither aims at, nor can substitute the medical diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of a disease, infirmity or condition, for which you should ask for medical advice in any case.
In case you have any question about our products or their appropriate use, you can send an email to the address [email protected]

2. Our Company/ Who are we
This website belongs to ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company, with registered offices in Glyfada of Attiki, at 15 Agg.Metaxa Street, Post Code 16675, Greece, with VAT No: 801083937, Tax Revenue: GLYFADA and Suppliers’ Reference No: 801083937

3. Privacy Policy

Please read the Personal Data Protection Policy that governs the use of our website.

4. Copyrights/ Trademarks

The content of our website, including, but not limited to, articles, graphic depictions, pictures, designs, sound clips, compositions of data and software, as well as any of their possible combinations (“Content”), belongs to ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company or/and to those who cooperate with the specific enterprise..
It is forbidden to distribute products or to offer services under or by a reference to or to move by any other mean to the use of the brand name or the trademarks of ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company, as well as the symbols and commercial brands of the products which are included in our website- products which ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company has the right to use, promote or reproduce- without having any prior written consent by ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company or by any beneficiary of each commercial symbol or commercial brand.
Accordingly, the content and all the other sections of the present website cannot be used, reproduced, copied, sold or generally be commercially exploited, either as a whole or as a part, without the prior written consent of ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company.

5. Transmission of Information from the users of the website

ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company informs the users of its website that it does not wish to receive any confidential or private information from them or/and from third parties via its website or any other mean.
Any comments or contacts you had with ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company, to the extent that no personal data are included, will be seen by ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company as non-confidential, unless there is a prior relevant written agreement before the information is received.
Any comments or pieces of information that you have submitted to the website of ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company, once posted on it, will belong to ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company. Consequently, ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company will have the right to use and reproduce it without any limit, without a prejudice to the law referring to the protection of personal data.

6. Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

Terms & Conditions of the present website are governed by Greek Law. Those consumers/users of the website, whose habitual residence is within the European Union, have also the rights that are provided for by the mandatory law of your country.
Any claims made against ΗΒC LIFE Private Limited Company, referring to the protection you deserve as consumers, can be brought either in the Courts of Athens, or in the Courts of the country within the European Union, in which you reside.

7. Contact

You can contact us for any reason:
• Via telephone: +34671685888
• Via email: [email protected]
• Via letter:15 Agg. Metaxa Street.

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